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Our History

Miss Twiggs

I went to heaven to help daddy
He was having trouble with some
recipes, he will take
care of all of us, till we meet again

The bakery developed slowly, over many years of craft fairs, and we didn't have a name all those years ago .. My claim to fame was making dog Christmas wreaths. That idea was developed because I had received one as a gift, and I thought it was just too cute to keep to myself. I use to use store bought biscuits, until I found out that they contained little bugs in them. Yuck! I couldn't sell buggy biscuits to people. Yes they were cheaper, but who wanted to give their dog bugs to eat!!

When Ben and I married in 1998, he became part of the empire. Little did he know that the business he had always dreamed of having one day would be a dog bakery. I had a dear friend Judi who owned a grooming salon called The Pampered Pup, and we started selling little things here and there. Sadly Judi passed away, so I wanted to remember her keeping Pampered Pup in the name of our bakery. The name became so clear after Ben started having so much fun meeting and getting to know people. B (Ben) & J (Jane)'s Pampered Pup Bakery.

One summer our town, Kenosha, WI started at an outdoor marketplace, and we took a leap of faith. We bought a tent, got a banner, and crossed our fingers, the rest is history, that was 10 years ago. Our kitchen became the bakery, and we cooked our food on the grill! Sadly Ben has passed away, Twiggs is with him and I am on my second Buddy2, all my dogs from now on will be Buddy, after all we need a "B" with a BIG heart. Both my Buddy dogs I rescued, and the most loving animals I have ever owned. I believe they both looked at all the treats, and thought they had died and went to heaven.

At B&J's Pampered Pup Bakery we take pride in our homemade treats. They provide a great taste for your pets, with no added preservatives. Just like baking cookies for your children, we bake cookies for your dogs.

We know that you will enjoy giving your pet our treats, but remember they are treats, and should not replace meals. If you pet has food allergies or special dietary needs, consult with your veterinarian.

We pride ourselves on being able to bake to suit your needs, and if we don't make something, we are not afraid to try new things, we do not limit ourselves, and love coming up with new recipes.

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