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Our Process

At B & J's Pampered Bakery, we take pride in our homemade treats. They provide a great taste for your pets, with no added preservatives. Just like baking cookies for you children, we put the same care and love into baking treats for your dogs.

All of our products are tested officially by our dog Twigers. If she won't eat it, we won't sell it.

Special needs

We pride ourselves on being able to bake to suit your needs, and if we don't make something, we are not afraid to try new things. We do not limit ourselves, and love coming up with new recipes. There is a good chance that if you are requesting it, there are other dog owners looking for the same type of item. Our goal is to make happy owners by keeping their dogs happy and healthy, so if there is something you would like to see or if after consulting with your veterinarian your dog has special dietary needs, let us know.

Remember to Treat Responsibly - We know that you will enjoy giving your pet our treats, but they should not replace a healthy meal.

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