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Regular Treats

Our homebaked treats are made from all-natural ingredients and contain no preservatives. All of our treats are created in-house. We don't buy treats and re-sell them. They are all Pampered Pup originals designed and baked with you and your beloved pet in mind.

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Dipped Treats

Our dipped treats are a favorite for any dog. Dipped in delicious carob and yogurt, these treats add an unconventional twist that is guaranteed to leave your pup begging for more!

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Specialty Treats

Not only do we pride ourselves in making healthy treats, but what sets us apart is our creativity and willingness to design custom treats for almost any occasion.

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Custom Bones

We make custom bones for businesses or individuals

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To celebrate your favorite pet's birthday, give us a ring and we can bake them a special cake. Made with no preservatives, our pet-safe birthday cakes can make their day that much more special!

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Big Bone Ice Mold

One big mold that makes a giant ice bone

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